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Zoneless Pick-to-Light AT707-4K-RFID ATOP LED Display
Zoneless Pick-to-Light AT707-4K-RFID ATOP LED Display
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Zoneless Pick-to-Light AT707-4K-RFID ATOP LED Display

AT707-4K-RFID increases operating productivity by allowing concurrent pickers in the same area and eliminates the requirement for zones and zone balancing management. Using multi-color LED identification lights and buttons Atop can implement zoneless picking in order fulfillment operations for pick-by-light or put-by-light work flow. This unique Light also allows tracking of each pick to a specific picker without the need for zone assignments using RFID technology. The system determines if it is the right picker at the right location assuring complete accuracy of the pick process.
■ Be able to implement less or no zone boundary in order fulfillment operation for 
 pick-by-light or put-by-light flow.
■ Allow to track each pick to a specific picker, then picker’s productivity could be 
 countable accurately.
■ Confirmation by RFID technology to guarantee the accuracy.
■ Multi-color LED identification increases flexibility and productivity by allowing 
 concurrent operating in one area.
■ Beep alert to inform a wrong operation has ocurred.
■ Up/down illuminated arrow buttons to control two locations(Up/Down).
■ More digits display can show more picking messages to eliminate using the 
 other assistant models to save cost.
■ Next picking instruction message displayed to speed up the productivity.

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